Vision & Progress

To research, analyse and address market demands for the development of high quality infrastructure that is aesthetically attractive, practical and functional.
To create environmentally sensitive design and construct solutions in tourism, residential and infrastructure projects in the Asia/Pacific region.
To develop a team of highly skilled professionals who consistently deliver a high standard of creative, technical and management outcomes.
Future Directions:
Space Con is ideally positioned so as to achieve its future growth plan/s, strategic objectives and targets. Due to its sophisticated, broad-based approach to infrastructure planning and performance track record, the group’s overall strength is considered sufficient so as to withstand any adverse or unforeseen impacts which may arise in the future.
Key attributes which support this position include:
Targeted marketing within Australia’s developed eastern seaboard and the Asia Pacific Region.
Addressing economic, environmental issues and parameters while setting high standards of sustainable planning and design.
Recognition of the significance of leisure and tourism as an engine for corporate growth and development.
Strategic location of the group’s architectural and infrastructure design office in Newcastle as a key forward planning initiative and recognised centre of excellence.